Year of the project: 2016
A set of paid projects from people of Warhammer: Dark Omen community

This projects includes:

1. Fix for multiplayer games.

Community made library, with which people could add new factions into game. Everything worked fine, when the game was played through Hamachi or LAN, but crashed if you were trying to play through GameRanger. I fixed this issue.

Tools of trade: C++, VirtualBox

2. Converter for in-game textures from .diffuse to .png

I had to reverse engineer some parts of .diffuse format. Luckily, some parts of the format were already described by community, so the work was a bit easier. Textures were compressed with standard DXT1 compression, which was luckily too. I successfully written converter for square textures from .diffuse to .png.

Tools of trade: Python, OllyDbg, HxD