Years of the project: 2014 - 2015
Set of programs, which was designed to help MAN-biker with Lands of Lore game translation to Russian.

Translation is available on

1) .DIP to .XLS and vice versa converter

This utility enables user to convert .DIP translation files of Lands of Lore game to Microsoft Excel .XLS files and vice versa.

2) C++ library for game's data processing

This library provides a way to work with various Lands of Lore's formats. Among supported formats are  .ENG, .DIP, .GER, .FRE (translation files),  .PAK (in-game archive files) and .FDT (file table).

3) Game's font editor

Editor for in-game bitmap fonts. I had to reverse engineer .FNT format to make this editor. Every character of bitmap font file was packed and I found out how the game unpacks characters and assigns colors to them.

Source code: