Year of the project: 2015
This project is an example of good PHP code for highly concurrent, scalable solution. The code is documented using Doxygen notation (similar to phpDoc notation) and unit tested with PHPUnit.

The task was to write REST API (based on all good practices) for job server responsible for downloading images from given URL (scrapping images from remote HTML file). You can see architecture decision for this project on the included image at the bottom of page:
- Clients are some end users from the Web (machines or people);
- REST API server is entry point for clients. There are two kinds of requests:
    1. Place new job into queue;
    2. Get status of job.
- MySQL server logs job requests and statuses (Redis or memcache can fit better, if we don't have to store log for very long time);
- RabbitMQ provides messaging between back-end's client script and workers scripts;
- Workers are servers, where images are being downloaded and stored.

This project was done within 2 days. Its code structure can be further improved (e.g. worker's and client's code could be moved to services, so main scripts/controllers would be thin). However, this project can be used to estimate the quality of my code.

Vagrant was used to easily reproduce test environment for application.

This is a task from EU Web Challenge competition. I had passed qualifying round and made it to finals, but didn't participate in final round due to lack of time and motivation.