Years of the project: 2009 - now
Arcane Coast is the website of Russian Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment game series fan community.

This project was started in 2009 as list of modifications and grew up to CRPG fan community. First version of the website was written in plain HTML + CSS and PHP. For second version of the website I made small CMS using native PHP, native Javascript and MySQL. Though it had major design mistakes, I had got a lot of experience. The second version of website was much easier to manage, but still I could make things better.

Actual website is the third remake of Arcane Coast engine. It is based on Symfony2 framework, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery and MySQL. This latest remake of the engine was done in 2015.

All versions of the website (previous and current) were designed and developed by me from scratch.

The website uses phpBB as bulletin board engine.