A bit more about me

My name is Dmytro Yurchenko. I love programming, reading sci-fi and fantasy books, playing video games and chess, practicing wushu and very interested in exploring new knowledge and experience. We are all here to make difference and make world a better place by improving technology and society.

Programming is my passion since young years (5th grade of school). It started with excitement to learn how computer software works and how to make computer do fancy and cool stuff. So far I tried a large variety of technologies, including but not limited to C++, Win32 API, wxWidgets, Symfony, Bootstrap, AngularJS, CSS, SASS, PHP, ASM, jQuery, HTML, Twig, MySQL, Oracle, Python, Javascript, C, Delphi, Pascal, R, SQL, PL/SQL, Lisp, Prolog, Windows, Linux, Apache, CMake, biicode, composer, npm, bower, Travis CI, CxxTest, PHPUnit, Git, SVN, Doxygen, OOP, SOLID, Drupal, MFC, Qt, GTest, SQLite, Vagrant, RabbitMQ, underscore.js, backbone.js, marionette.js, Coffeescript, Gulp, Django, FMiner. Also I used Java with Android Software Development Kit.

I don't limit my skills development only with tools, but also I read much about methodologies, best practices and different tricks. One of my favourite books is Steve McConnell's "Code Complete", and the other book I like much is Grady Booch's "Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications". Good books provide valuable ideas and insights that hard to see during every day work.

Programming languages with which I have most experience are PHP (started to use it in 2009 year) and C++ (since 2008). I believe that tools of trade are not as important as ideas, design and approaches. What you should do to successfully complete project is to choose right tool: not the one you know the best, but the one which suits project's requirements the best. Ideally you should know every and each tool in the area of your interest. I am highly interested in cloud computing, big data, machine learning, parallel computing and development of scalable web applications. Most time so far I worked professionally in web development and machine learning areas.